Monday, June 22, 2009

A Brilliant Opinion Piece...


"The reason is that too many of our intellectuals are themselves ensnared in a bad idea. That idea is multiculturalism -- the notion that no system or government is inherently better than any other, that the rules of morality are just a doctrine written by history's winners. Thus there are no enduring human truths, only "narratives" by which almost any beastliness can be explained away if committed by a people with a claim to having been victimized by a dominant culture.
This bad idea has all but silenced our nation at a moment when the world most needs our voice. Thousands of people in Iran are marching in the streets, protesting a sham election, heroically risking life and limb to try to tear some little breathing space in the smothering shroud of theocracy. Yet President Barack Obama, the leader of the most powerful free nation on earth, responds with mealy-mouthed strategic dithering. The man who in his recent speech in Cairo drew an absurd moral equivalence between Western errors and Islam's unstinting history of oppression has condemned the Iranian government's violent reaction to the demonstrations but remains canny and vague in his support of the protestors.
This is too shrewd by half. There comes a time in the affairs of men when bad ideas can be -- and therefore must be -- powerfully opposed by good ones.
Compare, if you can bear it, President Ronald Reagan's response to the 1982 crackdown on the Polish union Solidarity by the Soviet Union: "The struggle in the world today for the hearts and minds of mankind is based on one simple question: Is man born to be free, or slave? In country after country, people have long known the answer to that question. We are free by divine right." In less than a decade, in startlingly large measure because this one idea found so mighty a voice, the Soviet Union was gone."

By Andrew Klavan

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Economic Facts and Fallacies by Thomas Sowell...

Read this book. It's very enlightening...

"Most statistics on income inequality are very misleading in yet another way. These statistics almost invariably leave out money received as transfers from the government in various programs for low-income people which provide benefits of substantial value for which the recipients pay nothing."

According to Sowell the bottom 20 percent of income recipients receive more than two thirds of their income from such transfer payments... such as subsidized housing etc..

"In 2001, for example, cash and in-kind transfers together accounted for 77.8 percent of the economic resources of people in the bottom 20 percent. In other words, the alarming statistics on their incomes so often cited in the media and by politicians count only 22 percent of the actual economic resources at their disposal."

Why does government so encourage the increase in transfer payments to the bottom 20 percent? One reason I can see is that government workers rarely create any real value in the the economy and so many are paid in a portion of these transfer payments to the poor. If there is a new government program to provide say car seats to the poor by income, there must be scads of people employed to manage this program. Incomes must be checked and car seats must be purchased and distributed.

A second reason is that more and more the electorate will vote for the person or persons who can promise the most in programs and fixes that take from the "rich" and redistribute to the "poor". This has become the easy way to power for politicians in both major parties.

Anyway, this book is very enlightening.. I hope you'll get it and read on...

Visit Thomas Sowell's site here... and you really ought to read this blurb about him here..