Sunday, July 20, 2014

1 to 1 Computers

1 to 1 computers are about being a "college and career ready", "global citizen", with progressive ideologies, separated from the values of parents and grandparents and ready to become cogs in the great masses of "human capital". You don't need 1 to 1 computers to get a great education.

"When children are referred to as human capital and viewed as workers for the workforce, it’s increasingly apparent to many that this ‘education reform’ is primarily for the venture capitalists and private corporations."

In North Carolina’s poorest county, Indian children get the equivalent of a year’s schooling in three weeks...



Thursday, July 17, 2014

What Shortages?

"In fact, the nation graduates more than two times as many STEM students each year as find jobs in STEM fields. For the 180,000 or so openings annually, U.S. colleges and universities supply 500,000 graduates."
"Steve Jobs has famously said that Apple, which is among the world’s most highly valued companies, represents the intersection between technology and the humanities. And before him, Edwin Land, a pioneering figure behind Polaroid and a developer of the nation’s first advanced aerial imaging technology, as well as a key adviser in founding NASA, pointed to the importance of 'standing at the intersection of humanities and science.'"
What Shortages? The Real Evidence About the STEM Workforce, Hal Salzman, Issues in Science and Technology

Monday, July 7, 2014

Another Climate Fraudster

Meet John Beale, architect of Obama's global warming plan. Read about him HEREHERE and HERE.

"A former high-ranking 
EPA staffer convicted of stealing nearly $900,000 by pretending to be a CIA spy had virtually no experience, got his job with help from a college buddy, and went on to play a key role in sweeping environmental regulations, according to a report Senate Republicans released Wednesday." Washington Times 3.19.2014


The world teaches us that there is no truth, only political correctness, opinion and popularity. This is not so. Truth is real and it can be discovered in every area of our concern. Truth is one of the most valuable things we can possess and worth the effort of a lifetime to discover. Often, as Christians, we believe that we can discover the truth of the gospel, but true principles of politics, science, culture and education etc.. are beyond our reach. They are not. My dad likes to say, "all means all".

D&C 88
78 Teach ye diligently and my grace shall attend you, that you may be instructed more perfectly in theory, in principle, in doctrine, in the law of the gospel, in all things that pertain unto the kingdom of God, that are expedient for you to understand;
79 Of things both in heaven and in the earth, and under the earth; things which have been, things which are, things which must shortly come to pass; things which are at home, things which are abroad; the wars and the perplexities of the nations, and the judgments which are on the land; and a knowledge also of countries and of kingdoms—
80 That ye may be prepared in all things when I shall send you again to magnify the calling whereunto I have called you, and the mission with which I have commissioned you.

Moroni 10:5
5 And by the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of ALL things.
John 8:32
32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.