Sunday, January 6, 2008

The New Hampshire Debates in several parts... 1

Every so often I hear the "good news" that more and more young people are becoming part of the political process. We hear about "Get Out The Vote" & "Rock the Vote" (please) rock concerts and blah, blah, blah. I'm not convinced. It's great to hear that young people are so interested in the poltical process and are spending their time watching debates and educating themselves about the candidates. Right? NO! No, they are not. Advertisers know their demographic. They do. It's their business to know and they spend millions to do it. What type of advertising was viewed during the New Hampshire Debates? If you were also watching, you know advertisers were pushing sexual performance drugs and adult diapers. That tells me if young people are going out to the polls, they must be going uninformed. This does not excite me. Youth and inexperience + uninformed = Please, do me a favor. Don't vote.


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Blake said...

I wouldnt say dont vote but for heaven sakes be educated about it. It is a right and privlidge to vote but why put your name to something if you dont even know anything about it. You are so right there!
They are uninformed because according to Iowa primarys most of them registered as Independent and the votes flip flop for both side. Not that registering as Independent is bad but in the past it has been a neutral party not for either side.
But it really doesnt matter what side you register with you still need to research and educate yourself before you vote and then vote for the best canidate not necessariy the party you registered with.