Wednesday, February 6, 2008

In which case... change might suck..

My mom does not like me to use that bad word. And, since I heard my daughter use it once.. I have mostly repented... But, this here is a quote.. see.

“Change is good unless of course it fails to have the desired impact or screws up programs or policies that were okay to begin with… in which case change might suck.”

That was one of my favorite quotes from this funny article, which you should read because no matter who you like or don't like.. you'll think it's fun! And, a little fun after such a seriously serious Super Day!... is a good thing. Read it all.. you won't be sorry when you've had a good laugh at the end.


Susan Tuttle said...

Very funny quote!

I so enjoyed my visit to your blogs - lovely boxes!

Stop by sometime if you get a chance.


Blue House Mom said...

Funny. I loved the part about what qualifies someone to become a political strategist. Seriously, how does one get that job?

i'm kelly said...

i think it's funny you mom doesn't like the word suck. i remember my grandma thought the word "fart" was so crude. on time when she was down baby sitting us, my sister called our neighbor an old fart - my grandma went crazy!

Shelese said...

That was a funny article. I loved that his parents called at the perfect moment! Classic.
thanks for the laugh.

Jan said...

Here's to Hilary's quote: How do you fit a square peg in an oval office? The word suck is even hard for me to type, but sometimes, its the only word that seems to sum it all up.

Latharia said...

*grin* Very funny!