Monday, June 9, 2008

Hugo Chavez..

Mr. Chavez, the Hitler of Venezuela, recently put forward a kind of inform on your neighbors type of policy.. which he says that he is now repealing. The man is a lying snake.
I feel so sorry for the people of Venezuela.. those who want to build something in this nation will not be able to under this dictator.. and the poor and un-educated will follow the path that so many do when ruled by those who slowly but surely take away their liberties. Wake up Venezuela and smell the coffee! Check out a book on the occupation of Hungary, the reign of Hitler, the presidency of Joseph Stalin... Wake up! Demand your liberties back!! It's almost.. if not.. too late..

What will the U.S. do when he invades Columbia? The Colombians are just getting on their feet.. what will they do?

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The Motherboard said...

I couldn't agree more! I love how you called him the Hitler of Venezuela... My Dad works for the missionary dept. and had to spend some pretty sleepless nights trying to get all of the American missionaries out of that country really quick... because Mr.Chavez was convinced that the American government was going to invade them... via Mormon missionaries. he was threatening to toss them all in the prison! Can you imagine the missionaries being used to invade Venezuela? I mean... they would invade them with the Good word of the Lord... but thats about it!

He really is a scary person!