Friday, July 18, 2008

Al Gore... Green off the cliff...

Lovely isn't it? Big too! I personally just love Al Gore's house. It's in perfect taste... well except for the miles high lies, hypocrisy and manure that his lovely lifestyle is built upon. Now, before you go judging him as harshly as I do... remember that his spokesperson said that you can't judge a man by his power bill alone.. even if it is an Inconvenient Truth.

"... think tank report cited figures from the Nashville Electric Service that showed Gore burned through 22,619 kilowatt-hours of electricity at his house last August, a rate that is twice the level used by an average U.S. household in an entire year."

Of course Al hates the bad publicity, but he's not going to be moving into a modest "Green" home. He's going to try and make this monster "Green". And, he's buying thousands of dollars worth of carbon offsets, which in my opinion is stupid in many ways. 1. Al expects you to drive an economy car that gets good mileage while he flies around in private jets and is transported via Escalade. If he uses a lot of power, it's OK because he's paying for it twice! 2. Al expects you to live in a small HoVEL with solar panels for the roof and wind mill to the side while he lives in this place paying in one month for power what what most American households paid in an entire year. This is just the sort of thing that starts the kind of class warfare we don't need in this country. The attitude that says, "I make the rules... and you have to live by them.. Oh, but I don't because I'm super rich."

Do you think that any of our nations liberal celebrities are going to move out of their giant homes because they BELIEVE in saving the planet? I know of only one that has... and I wish I could remember his name, because he is a crazy nut, but atleast his life has integrity to it. (He has a cool picket fence made out of recycled milk cartons.)

Don't get me wrong. I hate super consumption (I loathe Walmart) and waste and I do drive an economy car (36 MPG Freeway.. if there isn't gridlock). However, sneaking weasels of questionable parentage (SWQP's) like Al bother me most of all. He gets rich on the gullibility of the public, by taking advantage of fear tactics while no one holds him accountable. %40 of the "science" in his film has been called into serious question, but he's signed up so many Americans on his band wagon that the stories setting things straight (like: polar bears aren't really drowning because of ice melt you know).. get buried on that last page.

And, this "green" craze is really expensive. It's the reason you are paying $4.15 at the pump right now. Did you know that? Green liberals won't allow us to explore and drill and process oil on our own turf... and so we pay the Saudi royal family, the Iranians, and people like the lovely Hugo Chavez billions to turn around and hate us with. Last I heard we are almost %80 dependant on foreign oil. And we are sure dependent on the wrong foreigners if you ask me. Energy should be the biggest issue of this election, but isn't because even many conservatives don't have the courage to fight the green wave. But, ENERGY is the biggest issue to our economy and our national security.

It's the perfect time for the Iranians to pick a fight. They could send us into skyrocketing inflation and a serious depression. And, it will be our own fault for being so stupid. We need to get a clue. Stop the ethanol fiasco, which is costing us two gallons to make one and drill for OIL people. Drill offshore, drill in Alaska and do it fast. If congress would lift it's ban on off-shore drilling, it would lower the price of oil per barrel atleast $20 dollars, mark my words. If we did some actual drilling... you'd see real relief at the pump!

And, by the way, carbon offsets are pretty much considered crap even by the greenest of the green.. the kemits you might say "...More broadly, the proliferation of suspect RECs and offsets may persuade consumers and businesses that preventing climate change comes cheap, says Anja S. Kollmuss, outreach coordinator of the Tufts Climate Initiative, an advocacy group affiliated with Tufts University. "We cannot solve the climate crisis by buying offsets and claiming to be climate-neutral," she adds. "Nature does not fall for accounting schemes." (See the full Business Week article here.)

It would be fun to live like Al, but when we are picking leaders here. Let's not be lemmings and pick the biggest hypocrite in America to lead us off a cliff.


IamLoW said...

Are you thinking of Woody Harellson? (sp?)

I agree, very very few live what they preach. argh

Janice said...

AMEN sister!