Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Our Damaged Relationship w/ the World???

President Obama seems to think that he needs to "restore" America's reputation in the world. This statement is some of the most supreme arrogance of the Democratic party. America is and always has been the most generous and self sacrificing of nations. Our people, including our military have served to bring humanitarian relief all over the world. Yes, there are crowds of extremists who protest American policies all over the world. But for every protestor, there are thousands at home who have benefited from American generosity, humanitarian aid or are atleast educated enough to see what American has really stood for in the world... This down on ourselves mentality is a false and damaging creation of liberals in Hollywood and the media who have not bothered with their history...

Charles Krauthammer has the real story here...

This is an excerpt.. but read the whole article..

WASHINGTON -- Every new president flatters himself that he, kinder and gentler, is beginning the world anew. Yet, when Barack Obama in his inaugural address reached out to Muslims with "to the Muslim world, we seek a new way forward, based on mutual interest and mutual respect," his formulation was needlessly defensive and apologetic. Is it "new" to acknowledge Muslim interests and show respect to the Muslim world? Obama doesn't just think so, he said so again to millions in his al-Arabiya interview, insisting on the need to "restore" the "same respect and partnership that America had with the Muslim world as recently as 20 or 30 years ago."

Astonishing. In these most recent 20 years -- the alleged winter of our disrespect of the Islamic world -- America did not just respect Muslims, it bled for them. It engaged in five military campaigns, every one of which involved -- and resulted in -- the liberation of a Muslim people: Bosnia, Kosovo, Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq.