Thursday, March 8, 2012

Drill HERE! Drill NOW!!

In response to the President's ridiculous comments about energy yesterday... HERE...

I say, 
We produce only 2% of the world's oil because THIS PRESIDENT and others who pander to environmental liberals refuse to let us get the oil we have in the U.S. They would rather spend the lives of our soldiers fighting wars than drill here.
With new technology, we have more oil than Saudi Arabia. The President is as false as he can be here.
His attempts at alternative energy sources have been the cause of huge losses in tax payer funds that have been dumped on companies that turn around and give that money back to the president in the form of campaign donations. Then, those companies have gone bankrupt enriching their boards and CEOs with multi-million dollar golden parachutes while ruining the little guy. Take a look into: Solyndra, LightSquared, Beacon, Fisker, Tesla, SunPower, Ener1, and BrightSource for starters...

In fact, I challenge the President to name one "green success" ... just one. There isn't one. But, if we drill at home, we can stop propping up foreign dictators who use the money that is paid into their countries for oil to oppress their people and turn around and kill our soldiers with it. READ
We have more oil than Saudi Arabia.. I promise. And, we need to be using it. READ

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