Monday, February 18, 2013

McGraw Hill, Gates Foundation & Psychometric Testing

This is a McGraw Hill PRO Common Core article. It lays out where some of the funding came from: $110 Billion from the stimulus, $330 Million from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. After laying out those dollar amounts, McGraw Hill makes the claim that the federal government "has had no role" in the development of CC State Standards, but that the Federal Government may "incentivize" the CC effort (this translates to bribing us with our own money).
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (has already spent 173 Million) committed to spend $354 Million Dollars. Part of the Gates Foundation goal as stated here is to, "Develop new ways of thinking about psychometric rules that guide tests in order to get higher quality and more valid items that can be used for large-scale assessment and accountability systems." In other words, have a more friendly attitute toward psychological and other testing to be done on your child and getting around FERPA laws that protect your child's private information.

"McGraw-Hill Education is an endorsing partner of the NGA/CCSSO common core initiative..." who has made and stands to make millions and millions of dollars from Common Core. In addition, they own many of the educational journals who support Common Core. McGraw Hill owns NINE educational publications directly not counting any owned by its subsidiaries.

McGraw Hill was also behind and made enormous profits from No Child Left Behind, a program which did nothing but teach school administrators to cook the books like Walls Street Bankers and pick your pocket while actually dumbing down public education.

They are about to do it again. Will you be complicit?

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