Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Human Capital +School to Work =Planned Economies =Communism

Michael Chapman explains the global ties of Common Core. Human Capital= being trained for your station in life. This is terminology that our governor is using in Utah. 

Framework for a Multistate Human Capital Development

In addition to the utter offensiveness of all this, you could give the government the best predictive tools in the entire world and it will never discover where the next industry will be or what people should study to be part of it. My husband took his SEOP test in Jr. High and he was told that he should be a forest ranger. I am so glad that he decided to think for himself. The job he does did not even exist when he was in Jr. High. We are not Human Capital. Our children are NOT human capital. We are free human beings and children of God meant to use our genius to soar! ~Tiffany

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Alicia said...

Well written!! I hope Utah throws it out!! Keep going!!