Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Orson Pratt quote on Population

"And what will he do when this is filled up? Why, he will make more worlds, and swarm out like bees from the old hive, and prepare new locations. And when a farmer has cultivated his farm, and raised numerous children, so that the space is beginning to be too strait for them, he will say, “My sons, yonder is plenty of matter, go and organize a world, and people it; and you shall have laws to govern you, and you shall understand and comprehend through your experience the same things that we know.” And thus it will be one eternal round, and one continual increase; and the government will be placed under those that are crowned as kings and Priests in the presence of God." 

~Orson Pratt “A General Funeral Sermon of All Saints and Sinners;
Also, of the Heavens and the Earth,” Sermon Delivered on 25 July 1852

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