Saturday, August 2, 2014

Compromise or Consensus...

The main stream media is abuzz with finger pointing and shame. The Republicans must compromise or they are doomed. The great Abraham Lincoln was a man of compromise and of course the Founders of this nation were Statesmen, men of compromise. I don't agree.
The Founders were just different men than we have now. They were better. They were men of deep faith, taught to read from the bible on the laps of their mothers. Faith was an integral part of their education. Many of them attended Harvard University. The Harvard of that day was not the bastion of the philosophies of men that it is today, but until 1816 it was a Puritan/Congregationalist divinity school maintained to train men for the ministry.
Men like Jefferson and Adams, were scriptorians who knew and were familiar with the bible in several languages. They knew many of it's passages by heart.
Rather than compromise, they were often able to reach consensus through debate but also talking things out.

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