Friday, August 14, 2009

Hi, I'm from the Government & I'm here to help...

I am sorry to admit that I was initially in favor.. strongly in favor of TARP. It seemed like a good idea to get money to the banks so that they could begin lending again, so that small businesses could make payroll and so that folks could finance homes etc... That was all when the program was about 4 pages long.
In a moment of crisis and panic, I trusted government. By the time the congress got a hold of the 4 page document, it was a mess. Henry Paulson met with Harry Reid and Harry explained to Henry the needs and expectation of his constituency... in other words.. the congress had to add thousands of pages of pork until now we are bailing out folks that made the horrid mistake of purchasing a Suburban rather than a Prius.
President Bush said that Wall Street got drunk.. maybe so.. but it is the constant and consistent bingeing of the congress (left and right) that has me worried.
And, so many Americans don't understand money. They don't get that we've spent it. It's gone. The Chinese who have been saving while we've been spending are not as comfortable with our treasury bonds as they once were. When they stop buying, we will have no choice but to print money causing inflation that is not so easy to predict or control.
So when the government now wants to be in the health care business I think of these words of President Reagan... "The ten most dangerous words in the English language are "Hi, I'm from the government, and I'm here to help."


B-Blogit said...

Wise words from the Regan! I havent been a fan of TARP from the beginning. People have to pay consequences for their choices. We dont just get to say, Do over or Mollagan (for you golfers).

Then again this is a liberal majority who support abortion. Abortion in most cases to me is the same thing. I chose to do the deed before i was ready, i chose to do the deed without protect. In some cases i chose not to take the morning after pill. And now after 3 choices I want to abort and have a do over!

Its not the way it works! You can just have do overs! Im after all you liberals if you had to do it over you wouldnt have voted for Bush or allowed for some recounts and supreme court decisions on elections right?!

Janice said...

Beautifully written.