Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tax & Spend...

During the past election, I used to see tickers everywhere. They were ticking the cost of the national debt as it rose. Bloggers had tickers counting up the mounting cost of the war in Iraq.
Well, Obama won the election. No one is watching ticking tickers now because when the dems took over they spent us into oblivion. They spent in several months the cost of the war in Iraq. And, they continue to spend.
During the election Obama promised that he would not raise taxes for folks who make less than $250,000 per year. A promise that he now is not and I think never intended to keep.
Cap and Trade will tax every person in the United States who owns a light bulb, who operates a vehicle or purchases anything made or grown in the United States. By 2035 it will cost every family of 4 nearly $7,000 extra per year in today's dollars. It will ding the rich. It will kill the middle class. It will devastate the poor.
But, that's not all. Heath Savings Accounts, which I think could be the answer to rising health care costs, will be taxed to the tune of 8.2 Billion dollars. Enough to kill one of the programs that really works. I know. I have an HSA.
I am against the Democratic platform in a big way. It seems like such a nice idea to tax money away from the rich and give it to the poor. But, instead it kills the producers, the employment creators, the generous supporters of every good cause are forced to give less.
It makes the government more powerful and the people less. It puts Americans on the dole and keeps them there for generations where they live in publicly paid for squalor and remain, uneducated and unable to live with the dignity that comes from being a contributor rather than simply a consumer, from helping others rather than mooching off society.
Drive by New York City sometime. The projects go on to the skyline, a great and monstrously hideous monument to Johnson's Great Society where we would simply give the poor enough and they would soon be able to care for themselves. Instead, people who are only people have preferred the little they get on the dole to what they must have the courage and industry to reach on their own. The great grandchildren of the Great Society live in conditions that I can only shudder at.
You want to help the poor. Throw out the spenders Democrat and Republican. Throw them out. Write them letters. Call them on the phone. Get them out. Get them out of the way of American industry, innovation and compassion. Help the producers produce more. Help them in producing more. Stop spending on social programs that have proven to keep people down rather than raise them up. Understand that dignity comes from putting your own bread on the table. Make that possible for more Americans rather than less.