Thursday, April 14, 2011


President Obama in his speech 4.13.2011
"Beyond that, the tax code is also loaded up with spending on things like itemized deductions. And while I agree with the goals of many of these deductions, like homeownership or charitable giving, we cannot ignore the fact that they provide millionaires an average tax break of $75,000 while doing nothing for the typical middle-class family that doesn’t itemize." Obama
TEXT OF ENTIRE SPEECH... Do you see what he did there? Our own money is not our own. It belongs to the government. Our labor and the results belong to the government which spends by allowing us to keep our own money. If you don't see that President Obama is an evil communist userper, you're not paying attention. (What would happen to private charity and civil society under president Obama's socialist utopia HERE...)
Then, did you see that he also included in that one sentence ending deductions for homeownership? The real estate market is in serious trouble, what happens when he does this... fewer and fewer people will purchase homes and invest in real estate causing the complete collapse of what is left of the private real estate market and making it all owned and operated by who? ... The Federal Government.
There was never such a wolf in lamb's clothing.

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