Monday, June 20, 2011

Liberal Logic that I will never understand...

Governor Rick Perry gave an amazing speech over the weekend. It was Reagan-esque and I was impressed. THIS article is a sampling of the liberal retort. It goes something like this. "We don't want conservatives telling what to do with OUR bodies. They should stay out of our business. And, after all, they are sick murderers who execute death row inmates. Who are they to talk?"

Let's look at that logic for just one second.
In the year 2010 over 1.2 million of the unborn were aborted. Killed. Murdered?
In the year 2010... 29 convicted murderers received the death penalty. In a country where in 2009 15,421 murders were committed.

It is possible that 1 of those death row inmates was innocent.. Maybe. It's not likely, but possible. (One of them received an extra trial in The New Yorker)

But, that injustice aside, I can tell you this: the 1.2 million babies that were aborted... ALL were innocent. Every one.

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