Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Open Letter to the UEA

I've posted this article before and I'm posting it again because I have become convinced that this is accurate. I believe that the Common Core School Reform Package which includes standards, testing, curriculum AND school grading is meant to destroy the public school system and turn the whole thing over to corporate interests.

Yesterday, at a School Grading press conference, I entered the room with a sign that said, "NO Common Core Testing tied to School Grading!" I got a friendly nod and a silent "thank you" from Sharon Gallagher-Fishbaugh the current president of Utah's UEA. If only she knew how I LOATHE the teacher's union.

The teacher's union is of course opposed to the destruction of public schools but, the union has brought this mess on themselves. Just a personal experience... for the most part our school has really great teachers. There are two that are complete train wrecks. The school went through whatever hellish process it is to get these teachers removed from their posts (one of them has been teaching at the school for nearly 30 years and he's been a disaster the entire time). Then, the UEA sent their attorney's in and those teachers were re-instated. The same garbage happens in every district in the country.

Why then, would Utahns and parents across the country not favor school choice, especially when the UEA does not represent excellence and hold their own accountable? As long as they don't value the views of parents, especially where teachers are concerned, and when they continue to allow the curriculum to reflect values very different from those held by parents, the UEA is going to lose. Unfortunately for parents, the Bill Gates/Jeb Bush/George Soros/Barack Obama/Pearson/McGraw Hill Common Core-Reform-Package is something I believe will be an even bigger disaster for families and especially for the students they are supposed to serve. 

So Sharon, you seem like a nice lady, are you going to continue to support Common Core while blaming the state legislature for things like school grading and the loss of public schools to corporate interests? It is YOUR organization's corruption that has forced the state to act. Clean house or lose all influence. You have about two seconds.

Please Read:

Common Core Is Meant To Destroy and Replace Public School Education

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